Should I or Shouldn't I???

I am in love with this white metal cabinet from good old IKEA. Im going to Brisbane on Friday to visit my favourite cousin and her daughter aka 'the cutest little girl in the world'. But i might just have to stop off at IKEA on my way there. 

I defiantly need more storage in my room, i have way to many books and magazines but im thinking this cabinet would be good as a little study nook. Where i can put all my craft stuff, there for getting it out of dads garage.

But i think for it to really make much difference, storage wise ... i'm going to need some shelves like the ones in the second photo, if any one's seen any like this let me know. 

One more thing, i am loving this S&P tripod lamp at my work. Should i or shouldnt i?? ... it would go really nicely with the cabinet.