DIY - Yarn Bottles.

To create your own colorful cozy bottles you will need:
Spool of Yarn (length depends upon bottle size and shape) 
- Bottles (any shape or size)
Take a strand of yarn and hold it to the bottle vertically.
Wrap the same strand of yarn around bottle tightly and cross over the vertical end multiple times to ensure it is secure.  You can keep the distance between each wrap as close or as far apart as you would like for desired look and transparency.
As you approach the top of the bottle, take the yarn and loop around the top twice and then bring the strand of yarn back down and continue to wrap around the base of bottle.  Make sure to cross over the strand that came back down from the top of the bottle to ensure it remains secure.
Continue to wrap the bottle until you have the coverage you desire.
Tuck the end of the yarn under itself to secure.
Don’t forget to accessorize your bottles with broaches, such as the yarn flower broach show in the shoot.