design LOFT fest!

my all time favourite blog just posted pictures of her new loft all finished, it is my dream!!! i want everything in it and it .... this girl is truly an inspiration, i hope i am as successful with what i do as she is in the next few years. 

source - designlovefest
photos by - bonnietsang (you'll be seeing more from bonnie from me soon, love her work!)

my only day off this week (christmas hours are crazy this year!) and my boss just called in sick, so i'm off to work again, not that i hate work, put theres just so much to do and so little time =) but on a happier not i finally went up to Robina last night and tried groovetrain for the first time with my guy and it was delicious, then we went for a late night swim in my pool because it was sooo hot!!!