Little Interior Design Something.

As you may already know i am a big believer of open plan living and loft style bedrooms that look down on kitchens, dining & lounge areas that have extremely high ceilings. i am always looking for the perfect floor plan for any part of this dream house of mine and absolutely love this picture i found this morning  while browsing tumblr. - loving the hallway wardrobe and i'm hoping the ensuite would behind the wardrobe =) perfect! (found - labottegadiamrita)

this is the kind of floor plan i mean (i'll feature the whole of this home next monday - its beautiful!)

also you know these lovely floor rugs that have been all over the blogs the last couple of months (unless i'm just noticing them because i love them) well i found them being sold in Loot last week for only $22 ... hopefully theres still some left when i go in this afternoon =) have a lovely thursday!