Colourful Kitchen Dreaming ...

ok so picture this ... my dream kitchen will be a gallery shape with an island bench on meals so that when im entertaining i can move it so the side to allow more room also to be able to change my kitchen shape regularly. i would love both dishwasher and fridge to be in those awesome Smeg designs. i also dream of open shelving and un fixed cabinetry so again i can continually change my kitchen and not get bored with it. using basics whites, splashes of colour and assorted textures i'd get my dream kitchen. colourful stools for the island bench would be great, i would also love to use Ikeas round table as a casual dining area with old wooden chairs ii'll collect and paint in different colours, all these chairs would have white seat cushions (traditional tie ons). some white brick would be nice and a rug like the one i've talked about before which i found selling at Loot.

pretty pictures found ...

1. totalblur.tumblr - also this table would be such a simple DIY

items in collage image ...
1. aqua cabinetry - totalblur.tumblr
2. fridge - smeg
3. shelves - bunnings
4. white extendable table - ikea