DIY - rope words.

just another favourite from wednesday =) 

Once you have all your supplies, prepare your working area by laying down the wax paper.
Next pick a word you want to scribe out in rope. Keep in mind that the longer the word the more flimsy it will be dried. Depending on how confident you feel with your freehand rope writing, you may want to sketch out your word out on the wax paper to trace your rope over.
Next mix the cornstarch, glue and warm water together in a mixing bowl until it’s not clumpy.
Begin feeding the rope into the glue mixture and allow the rope to be fully saturated by the glue.
Now it’s time to write out your word with the rope. Push down hard in the areas where the rope overlaps. You may also need to apply extra glue mixture to those areas to ensure the hold when dried. And that’s it! Once you’ve finished let your word dry on a hard, flat surface for 12 hours.
for step by step photos click here