Love What I Do.

Here's a little peek into where i am working at the moment (doing 9-5 ... 7 days a week! and thats not a joke) As you might already know i work at a small Interior Design company in Kirra but of late we have become extremely busy and getting more and more popular. We have a record 25 jobs on at the moment. Jobs mean anything from Reno's to styling and supplying accessories. The difference with my job is I'm not the in office all day, we actually go to these beautiful apartments and houses and fit them out our selves, just like as if they were your own, helping removal men with furniture, hanging paintings, making beds etc (you get quite attached) Anywayz although we are so very happy for all the great business of been getting laterly it has not come at a worse time. My boss is getting married this weekend and then she goes on an 8 week honey moon ... So basically leaving me and another girl in charge of the 25 jobs to be finished in this time, and this is why i've been working 7 days a week ... I love my job, we do something different everyday but trying to remember everything for 25 jobs gets really exhausting ... plus i leave for Europe in 6 weeks! and have only booked flights, accommodation, train passes etc for 2 weeks ... i still have 10 weeks worth of itinerary to organise (oh dear god! - my life is so hectic at the moment!) 

Anyway i really wanted to show you the 2 main jobs we've been working on is last week, i toke the photos my self of course =) 

Above is a gorgeous beach shack in Rainbow Bay, just straight back from the beach. They are a lovely young family from Brisbane, and we have all worked long hours getting this place ready for them, all furniture has been done by Treasured Interiors and alot of little fixing up touches around the house also organise by us, including a new fence, fans, lights etc etc - My favourite part is definitely the hanging oars! so unique =) 

This is a Penthouse in Coolangatta, the owner lives in Melbourne so she has pretty much given us free rain to do as we want to liven up her to penthouse apartment. In this one we added all the extras, all the furniture was already existing. At the moment we are getting all the bathrooms fitted with fresh new fittings (towel racks etc) The view is to die for and i have loved working up there these past weeks.