Total Blur - Decorations

It was my 21st yesterday so i decorated accordingly =) 

Bunting i made - the "wrapping" paper was from House & Garden, ribbon lucky find at Spotlight.

I used the ever loved hanging plant idea for my hanging candles, using string from Fabric Land, Bowls from House & Garden and candles from Dusk.

The tied fabric is from scraps i have collected over the years mostly at the annual Gold Coast Craft Fair and they were simply cut into strips and tied together.

I also used a silver christmas bell garland (it's about a 100 years old) but really added that bit of glam i was after.

My table cloths were brought plain white from Kmart and then i used a simple technique of apply paint and rolling the table cloth into a ball (so the paint would touch and spread in random areas over the table cloth) repeat for the desired amount of colours.

Other accessories have all been featured before but have been sourced all of the gold coast =) 

hope you all like it, alot of candles around the place, colour, pattern =) I had a fantastic weekend and i'm so so thank-ful for all my beautiful family & friends, who i adore sooo soo much xx