Netherlands - Amsterdam.

I was highly surprised at how much i loved this place. it has the cutest streets, little shops and restaurants that are really well designed and quirky ... lucky me ended up getting to do amsterdam twice. first for 2 nights with my sister then went back about a week later with Tegan and Mia for 3 nights. so if your going to go i highly recommend you check out "Options" which is a very creative concept store, full of quirky gifts and home wares ... and also we spent HOURS in "American Book Center" which is huge! the people were interesting, everyone can speak pretty good english which was a nice change but watch the streets as your crossing the road cause those locals can ride very fast on their bicycles. 

France - Paris.

I end up staying in paris for 5 nights which was great but one key factor i wish some one would have warned me about is the boutique stores in the Montmartre area which all you bloggers will LOVE are closed on Sundays and some also choose to close on Mondays as well but all that aside (good on them for having days off) we still found some very cute shops including 3 Par 5 (which was deffiantly my favourite) and had a great brand bonjourmoncoussin - gorgeous cushions! ... also found Vaninaescoubet & Pois Plume on the last day, all 3 of these stores we're mostly home wares and gifts. oh and the chocolate was Ah- maz - zing!! 

Belgium - Brussels.

We were in brussels for 2 days which was probably enough but it was a really cool city with lots of interesting streets to browse and culture to witness ... quirky stores i highly recommend the walk to find include Blender01 (quirky gadgets), Whazup (also quirky gadgets and gifts) ... now not that our other hostels etc were bad in amsterdam and paris but they weren't something id rave about but the one we stayed in Brussels was really good for the price we paid and i have not one single compliant - 2Go4 and also be sure to get the brussels map from Use It and pick up there Vintage stores map as well - really really great vintage shops! ... and one last thing you absolutely have to do is visit the extremely different and incredibly tasty ice cream store Comus Gasterea - i had salty carmel and honestly gelati will never ever be the same again!