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Travelling - The Greek Islands - Part 1.

arriving in to the greek islands was incredible after looking forward to it for sooo long. the white houses with blue shutters are everywhere and ohh so beautiful ... the beaches are stunning =) it is a little expensive for cocktails etc ... we stayed at Pargon Beach which was very very hot the first couple of days we were there ... it is a must to go to a beach party at Paradise Beach and enjoy the big name dj's in the clubs close by. We went into the main town one day which was really cute and literally saw huge pelicans strolling the tiny streets which was a different experience ... i wish i had some shop suggestions but i really didn't get a chance to find any ... you would need to hire a scooter etc to get to explore that area more ... oh one more thing the greek people are super friendly and i always get a kick out them really wanting to know what you thought of the drink they made for you or the food the cooked ... even if its a late night kebab/gyros =)

Ios is CRAZY! ... breakfast is served at 2pm! this is because it is a very big party island and no body gets to sleep before 8am ... so everyone sleeps the day away ... the streets are deserted durning the day ... very very weird to experience ... food is delicious here, lots of mexican restaurants ... but most talked about is Harmony ... it is found on the cliff along side far out beach ... they play live acoustic music and the staff are super friendly ... the views are to die for ... and don't even get me started on the food! ... one other great spot we found was Smile Thai - delicious ... head down to the beach in the afternoons, lots of water activities available including wind surfing and a canoe safari round the island. Now the clubs, many many to choose from but by far mine has been Circus ... which of course has live music and they are soooo soooo GOOD! plus other random entertainment durning the night and a definite must is Orange Bar where a vary wide range of original shots are served including turkish delight, malteaser and cream egg =) 

one last thing we stayed at Marko's ... which is by far the best accommodation we have been to so far ... a greek family run it and all live and have there separate tasks for the hotel/hostel ... eg. george is the owner, his mum cleans our rooms, gerorge's wife cooks us meals and his daughter servers our drinks =) its wonderful to see them all working together 

... to be continued (more from the greek islands to come next week)