I really cant say it was a highlight of my trip, although i suppose you do have to see it to view the famous landmarks which was incredible! but that was about it. its super hot and of course you cant go for a quick deep in the ocean ... theres no quirky areas or funky shops, and its expensive. so cant really recommend anything for you.

Positano. (Almafi Coast) 

Loved this area and very happy i made the decision to make our way down south ... it is beautiful, you have to hire scooters and go exploring the coast line ... it is insanely the best views ive ever seen ... the colours of all the little houses on the cliff faces combined with the greenery combined with the crystal clear ocean is just un-describle. we stayed in Sorrento which is nice but probably would have been better to stay in Positano. Very well merchandised shop Casa Mia is a must see and has very friendly staff. actually in general all staff in Sorrento were lovely especially after coming from Rome where they were all rude of course. One more thing be sure to visit Franco Senesi Fine Art really awesome art gallery.


For me i have very similar feelings for this city as i did for rome ... but maybe even worse cause theres no real land marks as such that we really wanted to see ... we got some creative post cards and meet some great people that we had a great night out with but otherwise not really worth the stop ... oh actually if you do actually go Tijuana is a delicious mexican restaurant with the best mango margarita I've ever tasted in my life ... not really what we should be eating while in Italy of all places but really couldn't have one more bowl of pasta or slice of pizza at this point.


this has been one of the highlights of my trip ... absolutely feel in love with this gorgeous little place ... it is filled to the brim with quirky boutique shops ... the only one I'm going to say you HAVE to go to is Elitre - which i purchased a little to many items for myself.  just have fun exploring the crazy small streets and get lost cause its super fun - we ended not even getting a map at all the whole time we were there ... of course you have to go on a gondola ride but be prepared to pay the price ... our driver was so cute telling us all his stories about Venice ... you've got to love a friendly local ... although there isn't "night life" in venice we did happen to meet some fun people and had a great night just having causal drinks on a bridge which strangely is a great way to meet people because we ended up having a lot of people stop to join us - people from all over the globe.