Pieces In My Place.

The Fedora is my new favourite thing, i have been wearing it every day! a staple to my wardrobe i never knew i needed, this one is dark grey felt from top shop. 

My pineapple necklace brings me so much joy and always compliments, it is one of the many fine and cool pieces of jewellery i have received from my mum over the years. 

The star sign magnets were also from mum for christmas, one for my and one for my Mitch. 

The silver bangles, one is from Mitch, he gave it to me the first year we dated, it has "i love you" engraved on the inside ... i still wear it every day. The other is from my family, when i left to live here in the UK, another great piece my mum designed and got made for me. 

The watch, is a new baby from topman last week, well needed now that i have a busy schedule and have to get trains on time. 

The scarf came along with me from home, its from witchery.

Happy Wednesday All!